I’m Back?

Hello, everyone!

I guess, you’ve missed in those two years of silence from my camera…

I know, I’ve been updating my Facebook photo albums like crazy with all the pictures I took either on trips or just for fun, but I’ve totally neglected my blog. You could even reprimand me for giving all my devotion to Katie’s Corner, which had many modifications in the last 2 years that it’s been live. Apologies, apologies. *sobs*

So, does this post mean, I will be coming back full force? Updating the blog at least once a week? or maybe even twice? I am not so sure about that, trully, I really want for my pictures  to be out there, but at the same time, I love my babies so much…

Another thing that I’m thinking of doing is, well, first I need to know if it’s possible. As I nearly always (99.5%) take my pictures with my camera, and upload straight to my laptop, I am too lazy to afterwards transfer them to my phone and only afterwards upload on the Instagram. You can laugh all you want but I only have 3 pictures up there. Shame on the 20-year-old me, who doesn’t really take selfies. *snickers*

I think I am totally going in a wrog direction, but I’ve been wanting to write a similar post for a very, very long time, so just keep up with me… *grins*

So, here’s my plan for this blog and my photography in general…. wait, there was a plan, I swear. First of all, I’m thinking of transforming my photography in a some kind of brand, so surely the blog name will change, but not drastically. There is going to be a Facebook page solely dedicated to my photography, so I will have to conect the blog to the page too, a bit differently then my other blog. I want not the links to the posts to be seen, well that too, but I want the actual pictures to be seen.

See? I have tons of ideas, and not only for this blog, but for my book blog, as well as some other projects pending their aproval from both my brain and time budget… *sobs* Yes, it’s quite frustrating when you have tons of fabulous ideas, but sometimes either don’t have the time or the expertise to put them in life.

Therefore, I will say goodbye for now, as I should actually be working instead of doing this, (damn the new wordpress app *sobs*) Hope to see you soon! And do check back to see if there are any changes!




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