Unable to take a picture? 

Hello, everyone! 

I know this is kind of off topic, but well, I’m sitting at a restaurant after a workshop with my stepmom and her club members. Though you can’t really say she’s with me now, as she and her friends ditched me for a smoke, and I literally have nothing to do. My review pad is in the bag and the bag is in the car. So, you’ll ask why I just don’t walk that 50 meters and be done with my misery? My foot hurts, and no way in hell I’m making extra moves! 

But let’s get to why I even started this post. First of all let me explain why I’m in this kind of situation. Here’s the thing my stepmom, is head of a business club in a women’s organization. And whenever the club is organizing seminars or workshops and I’m available I am the official photographer. Cool, pretty much, I get to take pictures as well as listen to interesting seminars. 

So, now we are very near my dilemma. I’ve been to this restaurant “The Garden” (limassol) many times, and I know pretty much every waiter. So it was a shock for me to see an absolute hottie stroling in the conference hall with our drinks. I’ve never had a problem with taking a picture of random stranger even if he or she is looking straight at me. I did get in trouble a lot of times, but still if i like something I take the picture. But this time, even though my camera was hanging on my neck, all ready to take pictures I couldn’t take it and point it at him. Yes, a total hottie at least 1.90 cm, with black hair tightly put in a small bun and as I got to know later with blue eyes. You could say my dream guy in appearance. So, here you got it, instead of taking his picture to obsess over it later, I just stood there gawking at him without any shame… 

And not that I’m writing this post, the hottie is walking in front of me, and even now I can only gawk. *sobs

I’m finishing now, as my stepmom got back! 

My plans for the blog are under devolopment and I believe you’ll see soon all the changes! 




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